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【ilovekids】My First Chair

【ilovekids】My First Chair

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⭐️My First Chair is made of solid wood! 
⭐️The design of the trapezoidal chair legs is safe and does not lean back.
⭐️Slatted side panel and backrest
⭐️Protects children who are just learning to sit from falling to the side
⭐️ The design of the chair seat tilts backwards
⭐️The child naturally leans back after sitting down
⭐️Assist children to develop correct posture
⭐️Three heights suitable from age 1 to 6 years old.
⭐️ Non-toxic and environmentally friendly water-based paint!
⭐️ The chair surface is easy to clean and wash!
⭐️ The chair can be adjusted to three different heights:
-16.5cm for 1-2 years old
-23.5cm for 3-4 years old
-30.5cm for 5-6 years old
⭐️ Can withstand weight up to 80KG!
⭐️ The edges of My First Chair are very smooth to the touch making it safe and comfortable for the little one to sit up!

Three Adjustable Heights:


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