Parents Q&A

If you have any other questions, welcome to ask questions!

What does the course fee include?

In addition to the joyful reading guided by teachers, children also have free access borrowing books from our library after class!

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Can I make up a class if I miss it?

Missed classes cannot be refunded but can be made up in the current month. Since each teacher has a fixed number of teaching days per week and the number of students in each class, make up lessons are subject to class availability.

How do I know if my child suits this learning style?

Our focus is to lead children to start from happy reading under the professional guidance of teachers, and inspire children's interest in active reading, and go on a journey of independent reading, listening and speaking. Each class, children will listen to stories and practicing storytelling through games and fun activities.

If there is any concern, please do not hesitate to communicate and discuss with the teacher.

Will there be no Zhuyin or Pinyin in the class at all?

iLove Reading Club do not teach Zhuyin or Pinyin.

We hope to lead children into the interesting and imaginative world of books with the most simple and vivid sounds and illustration.

If parents or children have interest in Zhuyin or Pinyin, it is recommended to learn in the intermediate class.

In the future, we will offer crash courses on Zhuyin or Pinyin for children above the intermediate class.

How to evaluate children's learning effectiveness without homework? How do you know if your child has absorbed it?

We hope that the children who attend our classes can learn happily, so that they will naturally develop a genuine love for reading.

Interestingly, when there is nourishment for learning, parents are likely to observe changes in their children's daily lives. For example, they may notice that their children are more willing to express themselves in Chinese, use a wider and deeper vocabulary, speak more fluently, or even take the initiative to pick up picture books for reading. These are the unnoticed gains and growth that occur in a joyful learning environment.

Can my child who only speaks English an does not understand Chinese come to the class?

iLove Reading Club is led by professional teachers who guide children into the magical world of picture books, allowing them to develop a love for listening to stories, reading, and Chinese language. Therefore, even those without any prior knowledge of the Chinese language are highly suitable to join the beginner class and learn this beautiful language.

Children don't like reading books, is it suitable to learn Chinese in this way?

Whether for adults or children, we all enjoy listening to stories. Picture books is boundless, with vibrant voices combining with each individual's imagination.

Lack of interest in books may due to limited variety of books available for children to find something they actively want to read, or it may be due to a lack of engaging guidance.

Therefore, children who may appear to not enjoy reading should be encouraged to come to iLove Reading Club. Perhaps that door to a world of books will open wide for them!

The child is already at the age of intermediate and advanced, but they don't have any Chinese language experiences. Which class should he enroll in?

The classification of beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes in iLove Reading Club is based on the level of "Chinese age" rather than actual age.

So if the child does not know any Chinese, no matter how old the child is, it is still recommended to start from beginner class.

My child already has some knowledge in Chinese, how do I know which level of classes he/she should join?

The beginner and intermediate classes are mainly based on how many year the child have spoken or learned Chinese.

To join advanced classes, the child needs to pass the simple online reading test with a teacher.

If I really don't like/suitable, can I get a refund?

We only accept refund a week before the class starts. (There will be 5% charge.)

According to our teaching experience, children usually need 2 to 3 classes to get used to new learning methods or learning environments.

Therefore, we suggest giving the child at least 1 month to learn whether if they enjoy it.

What are the teaching locations?

2200-8788 McKim Way Richmond

(for both group and 1-on-1 classes)

What is the difference between iLove Reading Club and traditional Chinese schools?

iLove Reading Club is a stress free "happy reading" approach. Fall in love with reading at the beginner level, develop reading habits at the intermediate level, and eventually read independently at the advanced level.

Beginner and intermediate classes will focus on listening, speaking, and reading skills. Advanced classes encourage children to try to integrate previously learned material and translate it into writing skills.

Uses picture books as teaching materials. Easy, fun and imaginative, let children "unintentionally" put Chinese in their pockets while reading happily!

I don't speak Mandarin, but my child shows interest in learning it. Is this the right program for him/her?

Most definitely! Our program is designed for anyone who loves listening to stories, and we are certain that is pretty much everyone!

Students will be engaged in the vivid storytelling by our professional instructors in Mandarin using picture books.

Along with their own imagination, the learning is so creative and a lot of fun.

We offer trial classes for your child(ren) to experience before any commitment.

How long is a class?

The beginner class is 1 hour per class, 8 classes per month.

The intermediate class is 1.5 hours per class, eight classes per month.

The advanced class is 1.5 hours per class, four classes per month.

My child has special needs, will I have the opportunity to participate in iLove Reading Club?

The world of reading is very inclusive, and anyone can get nourishment from it.

When registering, parents will receive a student registration form. If your child has special needs, please inform us. We can make appropriate adjustments in the class.